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Benefits of Promo+

Lets get down to the nuts & bolts

Cost Effective

Promo+ is a free service that allows us to promote your business outside of any current services you have with us, we get to retain new clents its a win win..

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Always On The Look Out

Make no mistake with Promo+ we are always on the look out for ways to promote your business, in fact I'm sure at times we will approach you with some pretty bizzare ideas.

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In House Systems

Our in house systems can tightly integrate one service with another for cross service promotions, for example certain keywords used on our billing platform will trigger a search for associated services on our studio software.

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Always Monitoring

Our systems monitor our servers 24/7 and alert us to promotion opportunities and new clients, each client that opts in to Promo+ is then added to the database where we can build a profile of your business to offer you the right promotional opportunities .

Global Talent Network

Global network of partners mean we can find the right opportunities for you as and when needed.

Stay Informed

You can check any Promo+ activities from your account enabling you to see how effective it is.

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F.A.Q. Promo+

A few questions about Promo+ we have a comprehensive knowledgbase that covers Promo+ in more detail

What is Promo+?
  • When you opt in to Promo+ you give us permission to (a) use your files to promote your business as we see fit and (b) make MINOR descisions for promoting your business.

    an example of this would be if you have a banner ad and your having a one off event we'd move your banner to a different slot, maybe look for other sites to advertise on as this falls under Promo+ there would be no cost.
What's The Catch And How Is It Free
  • Well the catch is we are seeking permission to promote your business on your behalf ad-hoc, now this isn't how it sounds we are not stepping in as a promotions agency, we will only do simple/minor tasks like sharing your business on facebook pages, getting other radio stations to give you a mention, giving you on air mentions, etc anything that would not change the dynamic of your current advertising model. We get your permission upfront because it just means the service can run better, it's currently 4.33am if I had a great idea now the opportunity may be missed, Ok I could write it down and "deal with it tommorow" there is no tommorow in promoting and the idea you had in your head will not be the same thought process as doing it there and then, we are funny creatures here and we keep strange hours but we love it!

    Okay how is it free, now stay with me here. We're gonna create a loop, random but youre a hardware store and you stock wellies because it just seems like the right thing to do they do steady sales, but each year you get the same comments how good it is you stock them, now you have quite a lot in stock and it would be nice to shift a few pairs but hang on a local festival has just been advertised, we would quickly get in touch with the festival organisers and pitch to them the idea that they allow you to find a place to flog a few pairs of wellies, they agree YWR then in return to the event organisers agrees to advertise on Yorkshire Web Radio's website and the radio, we would then pitch this idea to you, you have got a service for free we've retained you as a client which means you will renew your services, weve created a new business contact for ourselves in the shape of the event organisers, and we've put you in touch with a new business contact who you already know you are compatible with, you could even become the first welly sponsor of the festival! We all win.
Is there a guarentee with Promo+
  • No, we do not gaurentee that we will use Promo+ for your business, please also see our fair use policy, don't be scared it basically says that anything used for Promo+ that could constitute a long term service will then become charge able if you wish to continue, example, you already host a banner with us and youre having a one day sale according to facebook or your website, under Promo+ we could give you a free slot on say in a fly in slot, however your sale is proving popular so you decide to extend it by a couple of weeks, you want to keep the banner in place for the remainder of the sale, this constitutes a full service BUT you would get offered a discount and be charged later for the exact time rather than a full month.

Can I Opt Out
  • Yes, of course you can we realise Promo+ might not work for you and you may not be seeing any benefit and are receiving the newsletters.